"Patchwork Pear"
  Want to know what the name means?

Deb and Mat sew together a performance from patchwork of art forms...
and sow seeds of fun, smiles, laughter, and good cheer!

Art Forms:

Mime and Clown- Whether stage or strolling, Mat engages the audience with a gift for comedy, mimicry and silent
acting reminiscent of great mimes and physical comedians like Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Red Skelton.

Music and Singing- Deb plays acoustic guitar and clawhammer style banjo. She sings (with a warm and beautiful
voice) songs in the styles of folk, gospel and oldies rock 'n' roll.

Juggling and Acrobatics- Mat tosses, balances, and spins a variety of objects and includes acrobatic skills (like
walking on his hands) in a juggling show that will both excite and amuse an audience of any age.

Storytelling- Whether its Deb singing (with Mat miming) "The Ballad of John Henry" or Mat giving a rip roaring
recitation of "Casey at the Bat" or telling a revisioned old folktale like his "Jack and the Beanbags" (which he magically
A Pear performance is full of unforgettable stories!


Schools- The Pear want to encourage youth with positive, uplifting performances that can be tailored to fit any them.
Mat also utilizes his performance skills to effectively speak  on a variety of motivational and inspirational subjects. His
presentations are filled with enthusiasm, energy and lots and lots of fun!
Among them are:

Character- “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire... Really?”
No one really wants to be rich in money but we all want to be rich in happiness! Some people thing money will buy them
happiness but “happiness comes more from who I am than the stuff I’ve got.”

Anti-Bullying- “Bully Stilts”
1. Bullying is like putting on stilts to look bigger because bullies are afraid they are small. 2. Don’t be Bully Bystander.
Don’t stand by, stand up and against bullying. 3. Beat the Bully with your heart, not with your fists. Don't let the bully
make you afraid to be who you are meant to be.

Leadership- “Leadership By The Juggler Guy”
1. Leaders are Learners- juggling & leadership do not “just happen.” 2. Leaders are Hard Workers- juggling &
leadership both take commitment and practice. 3. Leaders are Servers- good jugglers & good leaders help others.  
Recycling- “The Amazing ReCircus”
Step right up ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls for “The Greatest Show For Earth!” With amazing acts of Unusual
ReUsing! Cyclonic ReCycling! Indubitable ReDucing!

Reading- “The Incredible Book Juggler”
I don’t juggle books but I learned to juggle from a book! You can learn incredible things, achieve incredible success &
have incredible fun through the power of reading!

Libraries- The Pear love to promote reading! They want to tell youth (and adults) how much reading has helped them
succeed as both performers and people. A presentation can fit any theme. For the
2013 Summer Reading Theme
("Dig Into Reading!")
Mat presents "The Miner Forty-Niner Digs... Then Dances a Gold Strike Jig!" It tells the story of
a Miner (and the Gold Rush of 1849) digging his tin pan deep into the gravel of a creek beds, dreaming of the gold that
will make him rich. The Miner does "strike it rich"... but with gold that is very different... and better... than what he was
digging for. Children are told that they will "strike it rich" in life when they "Dig Into Reading!"
It's a fun filled show of storytelling, juggling, mime and music... with the "jawharp" (and kids will be amazed)!

Churches- Deb and Mat follow Jesus' example of teaching through stories & parables... and of course adding in music,
mime, clown and juggling. They would love to come into your church & tell the good news of God's love through
"Patchwork Pearables."

Festivals and Special Events- Blissfest, Troutarama, National Baby Food Festival, Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival,
St. James Brats & Crafts Festival, Sand Lake Fourth of July Parade, Holland Street Performer Nights, National Night
Out... you name the type of festival or event, the Patchwork Pear do it, and they want to come to yours!


Workshops and Lessons- Mat and Deb love to teach what they know. Deb gives both individual and group guitar
lessons and Mat leads fun, exciting, confidence building "Circus JAM" (juggling, acrobatics, mime) workshops!

Experiential Programs- Mat is also an experienced team builder and adventure program facilitator. He has created
his own very unique program. "CircQuest" combines team building games & challenges with a fantasy story theme
featuring impressive, colorfully costumed characters like a troll, a giant, an elf and a crazy gorilla! Groups have a great
time of adventurous fun while learning valuable teamwork and leadership principals for success!
"Creatively Sewing Patches
& Sowing Seeds of Cheer"